Speech Coaching

How often do you get the chance to give a speech or a reading? Not very often. Usually you get the one opprtunity when you are asked to give a reading at a friend’s or relation’s wedding or perhaps when you have to make that all-important presentation to a new client. That can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience. And unlike a professional actor doing a long run in a theatre you only get the one chance to get it right!

Often that can simply add up to too much pressure. How often have you been to a wedding and watched someone rush through their reading, staring down at the lectern and mumbling in a barely audible voice? And then politely said “Lovely reading” to them afterwards?

Using my skills as both an actor and an Alexander teacher I’ve helped many people with their speeches. In just a couple of sessions I can teach you very simple techniques which allow you to make the most your one chance. Whether it’s a reading in church or a business presentation make sure that when people say “Great presentation” they really mean it!

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