Hello, I’m Joe Searby

I teach The Alexander Technique, a beautifully simple yet extraordinarily powerful method for change.
The Alexander Technique is unlikely to be anything like your preconceptions.
It might best be described as “psychophysical re-education”……
psycho: of the mind
physical: of the body
re-education: a learning again of something forgotten
So, you re-learn how to integrate your entire mindbody into one cohesive whole. You can then apply this unified self to every activity and moment of life.

Over a hundred years ago Alexander was talking about the unity of the mind and body. We often hear people paying lip-service to the concept now, but at the end of the 19th century it was revolutionary. And Alexander meant much more than a mind-body ‘connection’. He said that the mind and body are one and the same thing. The Alexander Technique is the skill of bringing your entire self to every moment of life.

I am also trained to teach Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing: a synergy of the work of F.M.Alexander and Carl Stough, two iconoclastic geniuses. See the Art of Breathing section for more details.

Like The Alexander Technique this site is in a process of continuous change!
I’d like to be able to say I update this site often, but of course I don’t.
However, I always appreciate feedback. Thanks for visiting.

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