What Happens in a Lesson?

I teach one-to-one lessons that last around 40-45 minutes. I use a combination of gentle, hands-on contact and verbal guidance to help you explore your own individual patterns and habits of unwanted tension. That is the things that you ‘do’ that you don’t need to be doing. From this starting point of increasing attention and awareness you are taught subtle yet powerful skills of thinking that allow you to prevent these ‘doings’ and allow your natural ‘use’ of yourself to work again.

At the beginning we will use simple, everyday activities like sitting and standing, walking or bending. As your ability to prevent your unnecessary interference in movement grows we might look at any activity that interests you. The purpose is not to learn how to “do” these things correctly, but to learn how not to “do”.

As you become more skillful in applying the principles of The Technique we are able to explore your use of yourself in increasingly demanding or specific activities or situations – anything that interests you. Lessons are always a process of experimentation/exploration and you are never being tested or examined. Leave your previous conceptions of learning behind!

You remain fully clothed throughout the lesson although you will be asked to remove your shoes. You will find trousers more convenient than a skirt.

Lying in semi-supine

Lying in semi-supine

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